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This is a usage example of the connFu node DSL. This application must be run from the command line in an OSX machine with Grow and growlnotifier installed.

Once launched, it listens to all the configured events in the application and shows them as a Growl notification

Running this example

  • First of all, you have to register into connFu.com an application. You will receive an application token which will be very useful ;)

  • Then, install the connFu and growl npm packages:

     $ npm install growl connfu
  • Then get the source of this example from here and run it!

     $ coffee growl-notifier.coffee <application_token>

Annotated source

Require connfu and growl packages

connFu = require 'connfu'
growl = require 'growl'

Check that we receive the application_token as an argument

if process.argv.length < 3 
  console.log "Usage: coffee grow-notifier.coffee <application_token>"
  process.exit 1

Check if we have growlnotifier installed. To install it, download the growl installer from here and execute the installer within Extras folder

If growlnotifier is not installed, show an error

growl.binVersion (err, version) ->
  if err
    console.log "'growlnotifier' is required in order to run this application"
    process.exit 1

Create the connFu application

    apiKey: process.argv[2]

When receiving any kind of event, send a notification to Growl

        join: (call) ->
          growl.notify "The number #{call.from} joined to the conference with number #{call.to}"
        leave: (call) ->
          growl.notify "The number #{call.from} left the conference with number #{call.to}"
        new: (tweet) ->
          growl.notify tweet.content, title: "New Tweet from #{tweet.from}"
        new: (sms) ->
          growl.notify sms.content, title: "New SMS from #{sms.from}"

Listen to connFu events!